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Creative Consultant, Writer, Production Design

Mr. DeWoody brings a wide range of theatrical skills to the team. He is an award-winning playwright, an art director for “indie” films and in the theme park industry has had a multi-faceted career as a performer, producer, writer, director, scenic and costume designer, and administrator. He enjoys the creative process, and has established an excellent reputation for collaborating on everything from original concept development to final scripts for live shows and events as well as film and video.


Stephen began his career as a performer with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and still lends his stentorian voice to various projects from time to time. He brings to the team a distinctive style and a wealth of experience in almost every facet of theatrical production. He has collaborated on projects for clients such as Disney, Universal Creative, SeaWorld, Universal’s Port Aventura, Six Flags Houston, and Warner Bros Movie World Madrid. Over the years, he has established a solid reputation as a creative resource and team player, with a distinct yet collaborative style.

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