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Production Executive

Lyn Lin has been working for Renaissance Entertainment since 2012.

After graduation from University, Lyn started her beloved and passionate destiny career with Chimelong Group as a PA on Hengqin Ocean Kingdom project and later joined Renaissance team. In the past almost 10 years of experience in Theme Park and Entertainment industry, Lyn has participated as a key members of many projects, including Hengqin Ocean Kingdom’s Beluga, Dolphin, Sea Lion and Walrus theatres, original nighttime Lagoon Spectacular, Shanghai Disneyland’s popular show “Eye of the Storm – Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular” , Chimelong Paradise “Pets 4D”, Chimelong Marine Sience Park multiple attractions design “Welcome Hall”, “Talk to Amazon Animals”, “WaterColours”, “Dive the Abyss Submarine Journey”, and Renaissance production feature film “ReVisitant” and many Renaissance’ monthly creative concepts.

Assisting company founders Mr. Jon Binkowski and Miss Lisa Smith, Lyn is responsible for coordination/collaboration with all different disciplines’ designers/talents and communicate with owner’s various departments’ representatives to make sure all team members are at the same page and prompt problem solving and achieve projects’ success on time and on budget.

Lyn is capable of working efficiently in a highly demanding and time sensitive environment and managing a high volume of details and excellent accuracy.

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