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Production Coordinator

With an education in Animal Science from University of Florida, Alexa began her career in entertainment as an animal trainer with Birds and Animals Unlimited - training animals for film and television production and performing in the “Animal Planet Live!” show at Universal Studios Florida. She continued her career as a performer for Universal Orlando, later joining the opening cast of Universal Studios Singapore.

Since joining the company in 2018 as a Production Coordinator, Alexa has played a vital role in bringing creative visions to fruition. Alexa served as the 2nd Assistant Director for the feature films ReVisitant and A Christmas Karen, and as Producer for feature films Because of Charleyand A Christmas Karen. She was also a member of the team behind the development and installation of the celebrated "Bourne Stuntacular” at Universal Orlando, a project that garnered industry recognition with the prestigious THEA Award.

Alexa's technical expertise in graphic design, photo editing, and web design has added depth to her contributions, enhancing the overall creative output of Renaissance Entertainment. With hands-on experience in both on-stage performances and behind-the-scenes project development, she possesses a well-rounded understanding of the entertainment industry.

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